curLUXE Naturals
luxury ingredients for luxurious curls

Our founder and CEO,Anikitia Abram, has had a passion for natural hair since she was a child but did not fully pursue her desire of becoming a natural haired woman until 2009. Before the transition of becoming natural she experienced dry, brittle, limp hair due to over processing her hair with relaxers and heat. During her experience of being natural she tried many products and was (still is) a self-proclaimed product junkie but she found a need in the market for a natural hair product that targets women with very tight coily/kinky hair. She turned her idea into a reality and created curLUXE Naturals!

Our mission at curLUXE Naturals is to provide high-quality products formulated with natural ingredients that will cater to the diverse needs of moisture to the kinkiest of hair!

Our products are formulated from the finest natural ingredients to cleanse, nourish, soothe, define, and repair. curLUXE Naturals products are paraffin, parabens, sulfate,and mineral oil free!